Equipment and Systems

Equipment options and ancillaries

Expanding portfolio

GRS offers a wide range of equipment and fully integrated systems for immediate hire and delivery. In addition, we provide a full portfolio of ancillaries, from interconnecting pipework, fittings, valves and flow-meters to complex instrumentation packages that can often be accessed and monitored remotely.

We are able to design, deliver to site, install and commission remediation systems of all sizes.

We have the facilities and experienced personnel to assemble and test bespoke systems tailored to meet specific customer specifications and practical needs.

Equipment currently supplied includes:

  • Containerised SVE/MPE/DPE units
  • Carbon-bed adsorbers
  • Sand and multi-media filters
  • Skimmers
  • Total fluid pumps
  • Particulate and sludge settlement tanks
  • Oil water separators
  • Bubble diffusion and tray air strippers
  • Catalytic oxidisers
  • Bio Reactors
  • Process control
  • Associated components
  • Chemical injection units

In addition, GRS can source a comprehensive range of treatment media and chemicals. These include activated carbon, chemically impregnated carbons and zeolites, ion exchange resins, multi-media for filtration, chemical oxidation reagents and coagulation, plus flocculation concentrates.