About us

An integrated package of technologies, systems and support

Flexibility and versatility

GRS is a major driving force in the supply and installation of high-end remediation equipment; providing an integrated service helping contractors and consultants across the UK to deliver their own remediation solutions.

Our service is flexible. Many clients specify the equipment they need, which is either standard off the shelf equipment or bespoke system designs. We also advise on the use of specific technologies. Our experience in installation, operation, and monitoring and data management is also valued highly.

Packages may include:

  • Stand-alone purchase, rental, lease and equipment buy-back options
  • Test equipment
  • Off-the-shelf or rapidly customised modular systems
  • On-site installation services
  • Complete on-site commissioning services
  • Operation monitoring and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and data logging services
  • System optimisation and technical support
  • Supply of WAMITAB, COTC engineers
  • Initial feasibility and design services
  • Mobile treatment licence deployment (EA, SEPA, NIEA)
  • On-site training for project staff